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03 Jun 2019

EU SUSTAINABLE ENERGY WEEK, 17-21 June 2019 (Bruxelles, Belgium)

The EU Sustainable Energy Week is the biggest European conference dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe. Sessions organised by the European Commission and energy stakeholders focus on sustainable energy issues, debate new [...]

03 Jun 2019

DEMETER will be presented at MCTER, 27th June 2019 (Milan, Italy)

The mcTER Biomethane-Biogas-Biomasse Exhibition and Conference offers solutions and technologies for Biomethane-Biogas-Biomass plants. The 8th edition of the conference will be held in Milan on 27th June 2019 and will discuss the following themes: waste [...]

07 May 2019

EUROPEAN BIO ECONOMY VENTURE FORUM, 19th-20th June 2019 (Viborg, Denmark)

The European Bio Economy Venture Forum aims to support the world-wide efforts towards a green economy, while maintaining well-being within the limits of our planet and protection of human health and the environment. The bioeconomy [...]

07 May 2019

BIOPOL 2019, 17th-19th June 2019 (Stockholm, Sweden)

The conference will be held in Stockholm (Sweden) from 17th to 19th June 2019 and will provide a forum for researchers, students and companies from all over the world to exchange up-to-date ideas and opinions [...]

07 May 2019

EXPO BIOGAZ, 12th-13th June 2019 (Lille, France)

EXPO BIOGAZ is the trade show dedicated to renewable gas, a leading event in France to discover a full range of renewable gas production solutions and value channels. The event will take place from 12th [...]

07 May 2019


Bioenergy technology mainly focuses on usage of Biomass Energy as an alternative source for energy production for future generation and aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share [...]

07 May 2019

EUROPEAN BIOMASS CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION, 27th-30th May 2019 (Lisbon, Portugal)

The European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, which will be held in Lisbon (Portugal) in May 2019, aims to bring examples and views of bioeconomy emphasising a global perspective and aiming to connect developments in the [...]

01 Apr 2019

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BIOBASED MATERIALS, 15th-16th May 2019 (Maternushaus, Cologne)

The 12th edition of the International Conference on Biobased Materials will take place in Maternushaus, from 15th to 16th May 2019, and it will focus on biobased products, biobased materials and polymers. Moreover, for the [...]

01 Apr 2019

INTERNATIONAL BIOECONOMY CONFERENCE, 13th-14th May 2019 (Halle, Germany)

The International Bioeconomy Conference represent the perfect framework in which discuss major topics, new issues and insights: international experts will speak about sustainability and socio-economical aspects, biobased value chains, biorefining, high value products and about [...]

26 Mar 2019

The 8th Asia-Pacific Biomass Energy Exhibition, 16th-18th August 2019 (China)

The 8th Asia-Pacific Biomass Energy Exhibition (APBE 2019) will take place from 16th to 18th August 2019, in China. The exhibition’s main topics are biogas and biomass and, among other aspects, it will focus on [...]