The main objective of DEMETER is to demonstrate a yield increase and cost reduction of the enzyme production process as well as its positive effect on biogas production in Europe.

This main objective will be reached through the following set of secondary objectives.

  1. : to improve and scale-up the enzyme-producing fermentation process to yield at least 20% more protein while retaining quality

  1. : to improve downstream processing of the fermentation broth leading to a cost reduction of at least 15%

  1. : to demonstrate the improved production process in a 15 000 L pilot plant

  1. : to demonstrate the industrial and economic feasibility to apply a cost-effective enzyme product in biogas plants

  1. : to develop a predictive model of the effect of enzyme addition on the biogas yield of a given fermentation process

  1. : to analyse the impact of the developed processes and products on environment and economy

The DEMETER project will work on different levels simultaneously, enabling the project to bring the enzyme production technology from TRL 6 to TRL 8 in one step.